Number 18

*Hi I am new in your class*, ”fine, sit down next time don’t be late” *Yes sir* I went and sat down in my seat it was number 18, that is my ID number, a boy sitting next to me leaned over and said “I know he seems mean but he is a really good teacher and he is usually a lot nicer he is always stressed first day back” I nod my head as if to say thanks or acknowledge what he said, class was done I walk, The boy sitting next to me, came up to me and said “Hi I am Michael also know as ID 16, nice to meet you, what’s your next class?” *oh, hey my name is Skylar ID 18, nice to meet you too, its maths, how about you?* “Oh, cool I have maths two, we must be in the same classes!” *cool, that way I will get the classes on time, (laughs)* “(laughs) I haven’t seen you at this school before are you new?” *Yes, new to this whole town really, we just moved here over the weekend. * “Oh, okay I have been here my whole life, same town, same school, why did you move here?” * Mums work has us move around a lot* “Well now we have arrived at the wonderful maths class room, his voice laced in sarcasm” *Yay I said sarcastically* Maths went fast, next was business, my mum choice of course, it went fast even though boring, next was art which I am so excited about! It was great we started drawing, someone came in and said “Sorry I am late, got caught up in previous class” I looked up and to see it was Michael, teacher and said “That’s okay take your seat and start drawing” drawing went by very fast, last class of the day was music, I play guitar and drums, I do also sing but I don’t tell anyone as I am very shy, so nervous for this class but excited, I walked in and the teacher said “Well hello, you must be the new student, welcome” *Thank you* teacher said “Does anyone play any instruments or sing” of course I do but I just looked down and she noticed it, and said Skylar how about you, I said *I play a little bit of guitar* (Which is a lie I play all the time!) Michael say “I play a bit of guitar as well” good you too can work on a music piece together. After school I put my headphones in, and start my walk home, all of a sudden, my headphones pulled out, I said *Hey, I was listening to that* Michael laughs saying “You want to play guitar for a while, I live of West street” *oh hey I live on that street too, what number are you?* “Number 26, you?” *28, Would love too, neighbour”


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