I Didn't Mean To Kill Her

I didn’t mean to kill her.
It just happened, it was like, one second, she was holding the gun and the next, she was on the ground and I……
I can’t. Just the thought of it brings shivers down my spine. No one wants to kill their best friend, no one wants them to suffer. But I did.
My name is Freyja and this is my story.
It all started at camp in ninth grade. Some boy found a Ouija board under his bed and soon there was a small circle of people in the candle-lit dormitory. No one had thought that it would reveal something deeper and darker than what we were meant to know.
“How will I die?” it was Vivia’s turn and she asked the first thing that came to mind.
The board started to move under our hands, F and then R…E…Y…J…A, everyone stared at me. I thought it was a load of rubbish back then but…
Then in twelfth grade, the end of year formal was coming up and on the special night there was a beautiful white dress slashed with a knife and striped with blood on the floor, along with the words, ‘Freyja was here’ smeared onto the shiny tiles with blood. That was the last time Vivia was seen. We were best friends at the time, had been since kindergarten. Surely no one would suspect me of killing her, surely?
Three weeks later though, whispers still followed me through the hallways. Most of these rumours were the same, ‘she stabbed her and wrote in her blood’ even after I was held for questioning at the police department and DNA samples were taken and it was proved that the blood didn’t belong to Vivia, or anyone at all in fact.
A few years later, Vivia was still missing, and I had spent two months at university studying criminal investigations until I decided that it was as boring as it can get and quit. But now I am going to put that knowledge (two whole months of it) to the test I was going to find Vivia.
The first place I thought to look was the cave where we used to play when we were younger. No one knew about this hollowed out rock face, so it would be the perfect place to hide, for four years? I don't understand why she would do that. (I know that she is not dead, I just know it.) Vivia wasn’t there but it looked like she had been, there were a few brown banana peels on the floor and some torn blankets in the corner. I couldn’t think of anywhere else that she could be.
“Put your hands up and turn around!”
I did as I was told. There she was pointing a gun at my chest, right where my heart is.
“Viv, you don’t want to do this,” I cooed “I’m your best friend. Remember?”
I ran at her, grabbed the gun, BANG!

I cried.