Garden Of Shadows

Enveloped in the towering hedges of iridescent silver leaves,
Black roses stained with pure red blood,
Stand in the Garden of Shadows.
One who has wandered in shall never come back out again.

Moonbeams as piercing as a serrated knife,
Slice through the misty aura of the area.
The Shadow Lady has a black crow perched on her shoulder, screeching,
Summoning ghastly spirits in the dead of the night.

The apparitions slowly devour all living souls within their reach,
And the remnants of their meal fall to the ground like an unsupported marionette.
They say, Curiosity killed the cat, and the wanderer has met it's terrible fate.
The decaying corpse is sprawled on the floor, forgotten.

The garden was long ago abandoned, left in an unbearable state.
Silky cobwebs are strung across every place imaginable, obscuring it's worst horrors.
Shadow Lady, the name the terrifying rumours have given her,
Lurks in the darkest corners, bides one's time, waiting for her next victim.