Harry Potter Vs Lord Voldemort

It was a dark and gloomy night. The only source of light was the bright, half moon. There he was. Harry Potter. He was sneaking around Hogsmeade looking for... Lord Voldemort and his death eaters.

On the other side of Hogwarts, Lord Voldemort was sneaking around with his death eaters looking for Harry Potter, so he could defeat him and once again rule the world! Meanwhile, Harry Potter had come across Voldemort and went to take his wand out of his pocket but discovered that it wasn't there! Then Voldemort had just seen Harry search his pockets frantically looking for his wand. But Harry didn't know that Voldemort was watching him.

All of a sudden Harry saw Voldemort pull out his wand and point it at him. Hermione slowly went to Harry (while wearing Harry's invisibility cloak) she whispered in Harry's ear that she'll go get his wand.

Then Harry and Voldemort started battling. Unfortunately all Harry could do was dodge the spells. Hermione had successfully gotten Harry's wand and she ran to him then gave it to him. Then Voldemort did the killing curse but Harry used a shield charm and the spell backfired and hit Voldemort.

So Voldemort died and everybody (except his death eaters) lived happily ever after! THE END!!!!!!!!!


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