A Body Of Water

As icy tears fell from the sky, I stood at the edge of the harbour still debating whether I should fall. I wanted to stay alive, yet I had the urge to try death.
Tears rolled off my cheeks and into water, I robustiously wiped them off my face.
“What is that you desire, mortal?” A soft, echoing voice whispered beside my face. And gently, hands of water rolled against my cheeks. The hands of water were soft, wet and they were coolly caressing me.
I turned and panted. No one was there. Only the wind and water ripped coldness into my body. I laughed as loud as I could, but the roaring wind masked my insanity. “I hate you, Lisa!” I yelled into the wind and cutting rain, knowing that it would mask my insanity.
The wind gave me a push, and soon I was falling into the water. Instinctively, I yelled out. “I don’t want to die!”
Water entered my nostrils and mouth, leaving a trail of cold, burning sensation. I opened my eyes and tried to look for a mermaid that would save me. But this wasn’t a fairy tale, mermaids only existed in stories – fake words written on paper. I realised, no one would save me.
I started to sink fast and my heart was hammering hard against my shivering bones. I didn’t want to die, not like this. But all the illusions of survival disappeared.
The hand reached against my skin again, it pulled me only slightly. But I was still in the water. “I don’t want to die.” I tried to mumble.
“You can’t talk under water.” The female voice called out again, but there was no one within my sight. Only crystal-clear bubbles formed at my face and helplessly floated to the surface of the breaking waves. That was when I noticed. I was able to breathe underwater.... no, that’s not right. I didn’t have to breathe at all.
Dread rushed through me…
Hands of water picked me up and placed me gently on the edge of the harbour leaving me wet and confused.
“You are confused. Am I right?” The water asked. Her stroking voice caressed him again. “Why is that? I granted your one wish.” Water rushed towards him and with it came a young woman. She looked ordinary and yet I was intrigued.
I looked at the woman closely, hoping for an idea to pop up. And with yet another close look, I saw that she was truly no ordinary female...
Dread again filled my brain and butterflies slowly ate me from within, but I shuffled forward. “Who are you?” I asked cautiously, but no reply came for several seconds.
“I am Cordelia, Princess of the Atlantic.” Her body was flowing with wonder and such magic. It made no sense, yet her words made everything convincible. “In the past, many have called me the River Goddess. Though it has been quite some years since one has called me by that.”


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