Haleys Love Life

Dad! Dad! Yelled haley where are you???

Over here haley in the kitchen about to make you recess and lunch. Ok i'm going to get ready for school (half an hour later) bye dad see you soon. Haley just got to school and went to class and when the teacher said Hello class!! There will be a new student attending class today his name is jack say hello jack?? Hello jack said then he went and sat by himself. The time flew past and it was lunchtime so haley decided to go talk to jack when she got over to jack she asked What's wrong jack???? Jack responded with nothing so haley just sat next to jack and asked him again What is wrong???? Jake looked at her and said my dad is very sick and he is in hospital! Oh sorry? Haley said so she asked jack if they want to be friends he nodded his head and said sure.

When haley got home she went to her room and wrote in her diary and she wrote( i think i love jack) and then jack and haley started hanging out more as the days went past she realized that she wanted to ask jack out until jack was sitting down crying so haley said jack what's wrong?? She answer with my father has past away and my mother is very very sick she says she won't be able to make it out alive im all alone jack said so haley said you won't be alone for long then she asked if jack wanted to go out with her he said (yes sure).

A couple of years later haley turned 29 and had her first child it was a girl jack was at work he was 30 he works out on a farm.

Haleys baby girls name was cleo she was very cute.

Born on march the 15 a year later when she turns two jack was getting very sick when they went to the hospital they just found out that jack had cancer so he stayed in hospital as days went past he didn't get to see his little girl grow up she learnt how to talk and walk before u know it but he died when cleo turned three cleo was heartbroken cleo started to go to school when she was seven cleo doesn't remember much about her dad so she asked her mum ( mum what was dad like) cleo said (he was strong and he was kind hearted ) haley said but when cleo turned 18 she left the house and found herself a husband and then she has three kids and they live happily ever after


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