A Best Friend

A person that will,I be with you no matter what,A person that will act silly just to make you happy. A person that will risk their own time just for you .A person that will love you like their own sister or brother.

Forever until one day you see them ignoring you and they start talking to other people. Here you are alone no one to cheer you up no one to make you happy and lively again. You get that alone feeling... like nobody likes you or wants to be around you . Suddenly the pain gets worse. You start feeling depressed and angry and you just can’t take it anymore. You finally do it you kill your self the whole school is sad and shocked the teachers are crying their eyes out your so called “ best friend “ is there looking at the seat you used to sit in . And there he/ she is in pain and in agony . There they are thinking “ I should’ve cared more what did I do? *crying* . But it’s too late already. Every single day they think of how the could’ve been a better friend. The pain is too much and they kill them selves.


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