Falling For You

Today is the worst day ever.
I got fired from my job, my parents are coming to town and my rent is due. I burrow my hands deep in my pockets and I slouch over and walk through the local park. The park surrounds me with trees and flowers. I’ve always loved spring, the season of love, but today I feel as if a raincloud is hovering over my head and pouring down on me.
I shrug.
Reaching for my phone, I fall over and drop it. Of course, I drop it. Bending down to pick it up I hear a voice.
‘Here let me get that for you’
I look up and see a girl, probably in her mid-20’s. She has long brown hair and looks very ambitious.
My eyes meet hers. They twinkle in the sunlight. I jolt upright.
‘Here,’ she says, taking my hand and placing the phone in my palm. Her hands are warm. I pause. Her smile beams at me. I feel like I’m the only guy in the park.
‘...Thanks’ I finally reply.
‘I’m Emily’ she says,
‘Logan’. I smile at her and she does the same at me. It felt like time wasn’t passing and in this one moment, everything was… Okay.
All of a sudden, she looks at her watch and time is ticking once more.
‘I’m sorry I have to go’ Her eyes look like they’re in a hurry.
‘Oh, um… okay. Thank you for my phone- uh, I mean picking up my phone.’
She laughs, which makes me laugh.
‘No problem.’
She looks at her watch again and signals that she has to go with her hand. She runs off, darting across the street, trying to avoid cars. She was so beautiful, I should’ve asked for her number… Her number! Why didn’t I ask for her number? My goodness, I’m so stupid! And now there's a possibility that I may never see her again. I slap myself on the head with the palm of my hand; the hand that she touched.
An overpowering sense of anxiety fills me. What is this feeling?
Did I eat something bad?
Is there a test at UNI coming up?
Then what is this that I’m feeling? My stomach is churning, my palms are sweaty and I’m lightheaded… It doesn’t matter! All I know is I got to chase after her.


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