Quarterly Rotation

Excellence Award in the 'Just Keep Writing 2019' competition

Dancing across the sky,
A beacon of hope, light revealing itself in all its glory;
A fiery, fresh spirit, opening to another collection of hours,
A wealth of morning whims and secrets and woes.

Fanning across the sky,
It opens to a jigsaw puzzle of nature, love, light and life,
While the ethereal sun shines brightly once again.
Clear azure skies and clouds so wild, practically perfect in every way.

Leaning across the sky,
A watercolour painting of mesmerising colour and dazzling shades,
A perfect treat for hungry, beauty-revelling eyes,
Spirits of the sun burn it deep earthy rich red over the enthralling horizon.

Falling across the sky,
A winter blanket of only romantic silence and the stars,
When snuggled up in their cots are thousands of babes, dreaming sweet thoughts,
And the whole world is blanketed in sweet, soft, strong silence.