“Hi, my name is Vincas. You may think that’s a strange name but maybe that’s because I’m a dragon, woah, a branch that was on fire nearly fell on me, sorry I can’t really talk anymore!”
A Phoenix swooped down and spat fire at Vincas’s mother, Viscarla, but luckily Vincas dove down, shoved her out of the way and only got a small burn on his left paw. “Thank you” she sobbed “why did this war even start?” “Umm…well I’m not entirely sure” sighed Vincas, with that he flew off to search for the oldest dragon of them all, called Venial.
“What do you want?” spat Venial as Vincas entered his den, “umm…well I was just wondering how the war started between us dragons and the phoenix’s?” asked Vincas. “I was wondering when someone would ask me” Venial scowled. “Our lord Verruscie and the Phoenix’s Lord Seperreal had an argument over a single piece of land, but one day Verruscie killed Seperreal in war #2. That made the rest of the Phoenix’s go wild and they will never ever forgive us…now you better get going kid”. “Thanks, and by the way I’m not a kid, I’m 18!” sighed Vincas.
“MOTHER!!!” screamed Vincas as he saw a ring of fire spat at Viscarla. The fire surrounded her, edging 50cm closer every second and then everything went black...


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