Horray ! Everyone shouts. It’s Timmy’s tenth birthday, He wakes with a gasp of excitement and jumps up to eat his delicious birthday stacked waffles, after eating them all he gets ready for the big day. Timmy then rushes off to the front door to greet his friends which all bring gifts. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIMMY” the friends all squealed with laughter. They all huddle into a little group like a herd to watch the young boy open his presents, The parents grab the cameras to capture every exiting moment as he opens them, later that day, Timmy’s father had called the kids in to have cake.Friends and family where all gathered around Timmy and the large chocolate cake. The candles where lit and they where all singing happy birthday. Timmy’s first thought that had came to mind was me he didn’t want me to leave so he wished I cold stay with him forever but it was to late and I had fadedaway.


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