Harry and mary

There was once a poor old man that had a wife, they lived in a very poor house and had no money ir furniture. The old man's name was Harry, Harry's wifes name was Mary. One day, Harry went to find a job near around where they were living, he was looking abd looking, but could not find the right job for him, while he was looking Mary was looking around the house trying to find something they could eat. She couldn't find anything either. So she went inside the house and sat on the cold concrete. Then finally Harry found a job after looking at 8 other jobs, it was a nursery he was going to be working at, so he filled out all the forms and walked all the way home, because they didnt even have a car they had to walk.
"I got a job Mary" Harry told Mary excitedly.
"now i can earn some money and we can buy food, a car and all the furniture we have been needing, we can maybe even get some new fashionable clothes" he told her.
"Yes im glad you got a job Harry, so what is it then?" she asked him.
"im working as a nursery and i start on Monday" Harry replied in a happy voice.
So Harry and Mary went to sleep on the cold concrete and snuggled up together because it was 1 degress celcius. Harry woke up in the morning and got ready for work at the nursery. At about 8pm Mary woke up and yelled our to Harry.
"Have a good first day at work"
So Harry walked all the way to the nursery. He was already tired by the time he walked to the nursery.
"So boss, what shoudl i do???? asked Harry very politely.
"You can start by planting all the plants over there in that space" replied Harry's boss.
So Harry walked over there and put all the plants in the ground, it only took him 1/2 an hour, then he did lots of other stuff that hade needed to be done. He only did 5 hours a day and was getting $10 and hour.
By the end of the week he would have $50.
"Mary im home" yelled Harry.
"Hi Harry, how was your first day at work?" asked Mary.
"it was good" replied Harry.
Then Harry got up at 7:30am every morning. On Friday Harry got paid and Harry and Mary went out to the shops and bought food.
Next 4 weeks they bought furniture and blankets.
Next 8 weeks they bought a new car, then they had enough and bought some fashionable clothes.
So Harry was working at the nursery for another few years. They finally had everything they had ever wanted and they lived happily ever after.



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