The Enchanted Tree

Excellence Award in the 'Just Keep Writing 2019' competition

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a boy called Jack. He lived in an old cottage in the woods. Jack had a cruel stepfather. One day, Jack ran away from his house and his stepfather. Jack forgot that there was a tree that was enchanted in the woods. The tree made the whole woods enchanted too and because he had forgotten it was enchanted, Jack went into the woods to run away.
Suddenly, Jack stumbled on the enchanted tree. It had a lot of symbols on the door that looked like this… ‘*"+_^^@’.
Jack found a note on the front door that said ‘HELP! HELP ME! I’m trapped - but be careful…’
Jack looked closely at the symbols. “I think that I have seen those symbols before” said Jack. Then Jack looked back at the note. He saw a little face of the Easter Bunny.
“The Easter Bunny is in danger! If I only knew what those symbols meant. Wait! Tomorrow is Easter!!” Yelled Jack.
Jack started looking for a spare key. At last he found one in the bush next to the tree. He unlocked the door and quietly snuck into the house in the tree.
When Jack entered the first part of the house, no one was there. Then Jack heard someone coming behind the little door. Jack hid behind the couch. He still saw what was happening from behind the couch and he saw…a werewolf!!!
Jack thought it was a bit funny because the werewolf was wearing a suit. But the werewolf heard Jack laughing. The werewolf looked behind the couch that Jack was hiding behind, but Jack was too quick for the werewolf. He had already gone through the door that the werewolf had come out of.
Behind the door there was a long hallway and at the end of the hallway was the Easter Bunny!! The Easter Bunny looked terrified while trapped in a cage. Then Jack realised that there were boobie traps all down the hallway. Jack found an off switch for the boobie traps and flicked the switch.
‘At last,’ thought Jack, ‘now I can get across!’ So that is what he did. He went across all of the boobie traps and rescued the Easter Bunny. Behind them was an open window. They jumped out of the window and saved Easter. The Easter Bunny was free to give chocolates to every kid in the world.
At the end of the day, Jack went to live with the Easter Bunny. He helped the Easter Bunny make all the chocolate and they lived happily ever after and never saw the werewolf again.


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