My name is Edris, I like basketball also footy, I have black hair, dark brown pupil. One year ago, I was walking really fast to school because I slept in. When I reached the front gate, I saw a pretty, short and crazy, she was crowded with lots of students. She was the new girl that was going to be in my class. When the bell went I started to walked to my lockers and when I reached to my locker. I opened my locker I put my bag away, got my laptop out of my bag and put it into my laptop bag and took my spare clothes for P.E and when I turned around, I saw Anna (the new girl).
“hi”, she said, I said.
“What supp,” I replied
When P.E finished the day went on. The next day when we were in maths, I was thinking about Anna and it took me a while to figure out that I had a crush on her because every time I walked past her it felt so awkward. I could not keep the secret to myself so I told my bestie Adrian, we were friends since year 5, we’ve been friends for 3 years now. I told him that I had a crush on Anna.
“ooooo Edris likes someone,” he shouted, and everyone in class heard. Keeley the loudest one in class started to shout out loud that I like someone.
Suddenly, Anna was looking at me and smiled.
One week later on Monday at lunch, I saw Adrian talking to Anna, I thought he was talking about something else and I didn’t care about it. After lunch in science Anna came and sat next to me and started to talk to me about science even Though I don’t know anything about science. Suddenly she asked me a question.
“Umm Edris do u have a crush on me,” I blushed and didn’t reply.
She asked me again I said yeah. She smiled and said,
“do u want go out,” she asked.
“yes” I replied.
After two and a half week I started see a rude, angry and loud Anna. She was acting all different. I started not to like her and later on I didn’t even have any feelings for her. I told Adrian that I didn’t like Anna anymore in Pastoral, he looked at me dead in the eye. I told him I was to scared to tell her that I don’t want to be with her anymore. He answered,
“I’ll tell Anna that u don’t want to be with her now.”
After Pastoral Adrian went up to her and said that I wanted to break up with her. She turned around and stared at me while Adrian was speaking. She walked up to me and said that we are not together anymore. Since then she barely spoke to me and ignored me even though I wanted to be friend with her, But she doesn’t care about it.



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