"Damn" Tom grunted, now getting annoyed with his computer. His computer was constantly getting hacked twenty-four/ seven. He wasn't sure if he should tell his Mum and Dad, he was an only child. Mum and Dad were always too busy to play with him so that he had to on the computer to pass the time. Mum and Dad didn't mind (much) anyway. Though Zac usually came round to his to play Fortnite and Cricket with him. Tom lived for those visits from Zac they were after all best friends.

The next day Tom invited Zac over to his place. Just as they were getting Fortnite set up the computer started blaring a sound like a fire alarm then a message popped up on the computer screen it said “Computer restarting in 3,2,1,0” Tom screamed “No!” but it was to late all the data Tom had collected in the last few years was gone ‘l will find a way to get this all back’ Tom promised silently to himself. He felt like a truck who had just ran out of petrol. He tried everything, he took it to the local Apple Shop he even tried taking it apart and putting it back together. But it was no use.

Finally, his expertise genius broke through and he had one of his amazing brainwaves. He would take it to the police. So off he went pedalling as fast as his little legs could pedal. When he got to the police station he told the first officer he met, about everything that happened his computer getting hacked and restarting. When he showed the police officer his computer she easily got the information back and Tom thanked her for her help

And from then on Tom never got hacked again. The police officer somehow had managed to make sure that didn't happen again



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