Farmer's Pain

Finalist in the 'Just Keep Writing 2019' competition

I watch a steer falling to the ground,
Hitting the dust with a great pound,
Surrounded by bones of ones who died,
Like him, they did not survive the dry.
Surrounded by drought am I,
Unlike me, the sky won’t cry,
For it has been this way for years,
Which, to my eyes, brings tears.
I wish so dearly for that quenching rain,
But it is not just me experiencing this pain,
For there are many of us, different farmers,
Who plead and pray for what makes us calmer.
And the day the clouds fill heavy with water,
The dry season will end early and be shorter,
Cattle will rise and eat long tussocks of grass,
Even though it rained, drought’s not over, but it’ll pass!


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