Oh No, Me Messy Bedroom

Oh no, me messy bedroom, I start to fold my clothes,
My mother dreads the way it looks, And stack them in a pile.
The last time I attempted cleaning, I finally finish doing that.
Do you have any idea how long it took? Boy, did that take a while!

I start off with my blanket, I go and get the broom,
I fold it quite neatly. And begin to sweep my floor.
I place it in the cupboard, From the corner of my bedroom,
And hope to do it weekly. To the corner of the door.

I am forced to clean my room, I finally finish my job,
As there are guests coming over. So I fall on my bed and relax.
So I quickly get to work, I feel that there is something missing,
And pray to God I don’t need a clover! And realize I forgot to floor wax.