Lanthar: The World Of Magic

Lanthar is an extraordinary place where automobiles and people can fly and humans can communicate with animals. Most of all people can do real magic like make themselves invisible or they can disappear into a puff of smoke. There is also a bad side to magic, a lot of witches and wizards have gone bad, some of them have killed a hundred people or more.The greatest, dark wizard of all is GRADO. This is a story about a fourteen year old boy named Luke and how he conquered King Grado’s rule.

Luke lived in a world where people laughed and taunted him and the number one cause of that was that he didn’t know how to do magic. They have a name for people who don’t know how to do magic and they are called Squibs.
Luke’s father was the all great (but horrible) GRADO. His father was an evil emperor, he could do all kinds of spells like torture someone using just a wand and one of the most dangerous spells in the world. This curse’s name is feared by every witch and wizard because it is so deadly, it could kill a person.

Later that day, Luke went to the palace to congratulate him on conquering Gark (a neighbouring planet). On the way, a few guards intercepted him. They almost strangled him to to death until his father came by and said, “ Hello, my son, did you kill anyone today?”
“No, Father, and why did your guards try and strangle me to death?” replied Luke.
“That was just a test to see if you could conjure an actual spell but you failed the test defectively,” said Grado.
“Well I was going to congratulate you on conquering Gark, but now I’m leaving Lanthar until I come back as the supreme wizard,” shouted Luke.
Suddenly, Grado said, “Pyro Chainus.” And a burning chain pulled him back.
“What in the world!” whispered Luke.
“You will not leave, I demand it!” shouted Grado.
“You’re not the boss of me anymore, Dad,” said Luke. He pulled the chain with all his strength and trying not to think of his scorching hands. He thought of how one day he had to defy his father’s rule on become the new ruler
“How dare you do this to me, you made a big mistake!” shouted Grado.
Then he performed a stunning spell, but he dodged it. He ran as fast as he could for hours and hours crying. He begged the spirits for food and water. About to suck in his last breath. A spirit came down from the heavens and said, “I am the spirit of Amadeus Arkham and I have come to guide you on your journey to become the supreme wizard.”
“Am I dreaming?” said Luke.
“No, I have reason to believe you are not,.” replied Amadeus.
“Well let’s get a move on.”
After that they set of on the best magical journey of all.

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