Lamb Problem

Lamb Problem
BAA BAA One summer Mr Farmer David’s ewes had lambs.

So he went to check on them, and he thought that his lambing numbers got down so Mr farmer David put them in the draping pen and every time they ran through Mr Farmer David counted them and he had to rested every time now or thinking that he left one out 1,2,3,4, and so on BAA “SHHHH” yelled Mr farmer David in frustration 253, lambs right now you can be loud so Mr farmer David chased them out to the paddock.
The next day
Hugo the eagle was picking up the lambs on a high heights then groping the lambs on the rocks and Mr Farmer David didn’t know what was going on but he decided to go and check there trough and then he saw some died lambs on the ground with the sharp claw marks on the back of their wool no how could Hugo the hawk do this maybe I could scar them with a gas gun so he set it all up bang every hour it would go off.

But the gas gun didn’t work for him “what I am going to do’’ yelled Mr Farmer David so he had to go and find some stuff to keep Hugo the eagle away. ‘Ah ha I think I will use an ENORMOUS shade cloth to keep Hugo the eagle away’’ yelled farmer David

Three weeks later yes! Said farmer David. ‘It worked’ he yelled happily

So farmer David and he ewes and lamb were very happy
The end

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