Time: dawn 8:00
There was a army plane flying over a enemy base. They were just about to land. But they just got shot out of the sky by a rocket. Because the enemy knew they were coming. Then the army plane crashed near the enemy base in the jungle. There were thirteen survivors left and the enemy’s were coming to the plane crash site so they ran and hid in the bushes. Then it started to rain and the time was 8:30 and they heard the other Japanese soldiers they spoke a different language so they didn’t know what they were saying. After a while the soldiers left so the Australian army followed them to their base. There were old trains that the Australian army hid behind then after a while the Australian army ran closer and hid at the fence. Then they got spotted so the Japanese army ran over to the fence and the Australian army started shooting at the Japanese army so the Japanese army started shooting back. A lot of Japanese army died so the Japanese army called reinforcements so when the reinforcements arrived the Australian army ran back to the plane and used the plane radio to call reinforcements. But instead of Australian reinforcement there were American reinforcements so the Americans got a turret from the helicopter and started shooting the Japanese so the Japanese died and the Australians overtook the base.


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