The headmaster’s office was warm. I tapped the ground to the beat of the clock with one foot and ran the side of my shoe across the indents of the floor with the other, creating an orchestra of noises. “W-w-would you stop that?!” Pushing my head up, it was him. Tad. “S-stop it!” He screamed as I continued dragging my Vans across the tiles. The frog called to the snivelling assistant who was busily typing away. The lady ignored him and shot me a pitiful look. Tad’s face went red and he shook with all the poise of a madman. “I-I kill you. I c-c-can d-do it you know!” The back of my head touched the wall and I looked at the ceiling. He rose from his seat and straightened what I assumed was his spine with a start. I didn’t lay a finger on him. Just stared.
‘He’s a big fish in a small pond. Too bad I’m a shark.’
The wretched woman came out of her hidey hole with the destressed mother of the frog in hand. She took one look at me before telling Tad to go home with his mother. ‘Figures.’
“Miss Blue-Gill. Come in and take a seat.” She ordered. The office was lined with cold metal filing cabinets. The only light in the room was a large window sitting on the furthest wall. I could see Tad being intercepted by his “friends” on the walk to the car park.
She sat across me with a big bursting vein through her head as her face turned a violent shade of red. “Care to explain?”
‘I was catching Tadpoles Miss.’
I didn’t answer. She lunged forward and gripped the edges of the desk. “This is your one chance to tell me.” The beat of my heart was ringing in my ears.
She slowly sat back with an exasperated sigh. “You’re a good student Miss Blue-Gill.” Her face dragged with the prerequisite of defeat “I just - I don’t understand why you are acting out. If you can tell me what happened, I’ll let you out with a warning.”
‘I can tell you what happened Miss.
I can tell you exactly how many bruises that bastard gives me every afternoon.
I can tell you exactly how hard it is to hide.
I can tell you exactly how difficult it is to come to school every day knowing this is going to happen.
I can tell you word for word the rumours he’s spread about me.
But I can also tell you how right it felt when my hands were at his collar and he was against the wall.
I can describe how exhilarating it was to see the purple bloom from his skin after I let him fall to the floor.’
She looked at me expectantly and when she got no answer, she dismissed me.
‘Head high. Back straight.’
Throwing my bag in the back of mum’s car. “How was school today?” She tiredly sung.
I shrugged, lulling my head to the window. Tad was still surrounded by his lackeys. I waved cheerily.
“See you tomorrow Tadpole!”