On one spooky night before Halloween at 7: oo O’ clock all of the trick and treaters are getting ready but for one kid he opened a biasness. A person rang and on the other side there was a creepy old voice, he had arrived at the place he had checked the number and the street he was there it was a creepy old. Abanded house anyway he had went in it was gloomy he had started in the basement he had found a key inside a box he had spent hours and hours he had serced and serced for what is the key was for finally the last box was right a front of him and then he had opened the strange box and there was a book and he got the key and opened the book and he had looked away for a second and in the box appeared a doll he was kind of spokey at first and when he went home he was delighted soon he went to bed and he had waked up at midnight with a terrible pain on his back and he went into the bathroom and he saw blood on his back anyway he went back to bed and in the morning he saw the doll on his roof and he had fainted latter in the morning the doll was on the couch the thought it was just a dream the anyway he put on his x box one x he grabbed the control and he had put on call of duty 4 and then he had looked up on the ceiling and there it was the doll and then the doll started talking and the boy got a suet case and chains and then he had told his sister and she drove him to a river and he had dumped to doll he thought it was over and then .Halloween started and then the doll got out of the suet case and he got more books with more monsters suddenly the evil doll had a strong Armey and then the doll can make costumes alive and at are. Nabors hade a spider made out balloons it was at least 50 ft. long the house was coved by it soon the boy was at the prom he was trying to warn everybody but they won’t listen to him so he had went on the sage and he told everyone and all of them went laughing on the ground.

5 days latter

The high school was not there no more there was just ash and the he went to the creepy old house and I looked at the author of the book and I called the person to write the book and he is on his way he told me to get a type whiter and finish the book finally I am done and he is on his way when he got there the monsters where gone in the book.


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