Oh, I Wish I Looked After Me Eyes.

Oh, I wish I looked after me eyes,
Looking at the tele, all the answers may vary,
I want to workout because I'm not as fit,
I watch a video that told me about exercise,
'Oww, my eyes are hurting.

I go to the Optometrist to check out me eyes,
I hear my name called, I go in and the doctor looks as though he is in disguise,
He told me to look at the board, I see flies,
As I slowly go back up I see the optometrist eating rice.

I get the results and tell me that I have an eye problem,
I go home and turn on the news and see there is a terrorist attack,
I go to lie in bed and I see lights everywhere and everything is blurry,
I go onto me phone and can't see anything but the word furry,
Oh, I wished I looked after me eyes.