D.J. Groovy

She started with a dream and she always tried to stay groovy did not give up on that one dream she loved.
Her best friend Ariana also wanted to be a D.J they both worked really hard at their D.J school.

“D.J, we have to go!” Ariana yelled from the other hallway door. “Be there in a second!” D.J yelled back at her. when D.J finally went out, Ariana said cheekily that she took more than a second.

When they got to their class they were almost late because as soon as they sat down the bell went.DING DONG DING DONG! “phew.” D.J whispered to Ariana. “Today we will be practicing our end of the term class dance does any body think we shall add more?” As soon as Mr.Alberto said that Ariana went straight up shooting like a rocket and started doing the floss in front of the class then D.J joined and soon everyone was doing it to! “Alright class settle down, settle down”. This time Ariana shot her hand straight up like a shooting star. “Yes Ariana?” “May we put the floss in our dance?”she asked with her most pretty most sweetest voice. “The bell is going soon yes soon!”D.J whispered a bit more louder than usual.DING DONG DING DONG!

As the two girls raced back to the dorm where they were stopped by Sam the
Postman he was around the same age as Ariana and D.J. Sam had told them that the envelope held important news for both of them. As soon as they got back to their dormitory they teared the envelope open D.J and Ariana read:
Dear D.J and Ariana you have been invited to tour australia and use your skills all around the world. you will stay at dancer hotel, because you will need a chaperone katy perry will come along.
please be ready by 30th of november.

YAY YAY YAY! They both went crazy! They packed straight away because it was only tomorrow when they needed to go.

“Ready”? Katy perry asked. the two girls nodded in agreement. As they went off everyone waved goodbye.Katy perry took them where they needed to go and they partied off into the night for the rest of the month.
“So did you like it girls”? Sam asked with a big wink. The two girls chuckled at Sams humor. Thats when he did it he kissed D.J. For the first time.