I Always Wanted To Be

I always wanted to be...

My story is about my dream job to be a Zookeeper because I just love animals.
They’re really cute when they’re fluffy. Even if they're not fluffy I love them because there’s lots of different types of animals and they are very interesting to discover. There are approximately 8.7 million different types of species of animals around the world.

My friend wants to be a Veterinarian because she wants to help animals to live. I want to be a Zookeeper because I have always wanted a pet, but my parents are just too busy and don’t have time for one. If I get to be a Zookeeper I would want to take care of the giraffes, penguins, dolphins or seals. Every year I have a special outing with just my dad to Taronga Zoo.

I really want to meet the fabulous animals that came from all over the world. We should stop killing animals because they have a home in this world and we don’t want to make them extinct.

Overall, I’d love to be a Zookeeper because I want to help animals survive in this lovely environment around us. Animals have a wonderful life because they are different to us humans. SO, STOP KILLING THE ANIMALS, AND LET THEM LIVE! Animals are saved from being killed by being looked after by people who care about animals. Animals are different by having different ways to survive. Animals are important to our world. If we don't have animals how are we supposed to have certain foods such as, cheese, butter or honey? Not to mention vital materials such as wool. Animals need to be protected because if one type of animals becomes extinct than it can affect the ecosystem, which can cause great problems. So I would like you save animals from any type of danger by, caring for them. LET THEM LIVE!!!

I hope you liked my story, BYE!!!