A Broken World

I look straight, to the broken sea.
Waves over once shining rainbow reefs like blossoms in the Spring,
Now bubbles over bleached and life-less stones.
Once life left, to right, to up, to down, to all around,
Now choked and filled by beasts that float pointlessly through the sea.
Why did we, we the humans, a supposedly intelligent race,
Be so heinous, to create such things?
This beast it is plastic, it pulls us down.
The plastic beast, a fungus, slowly engulfing the world,
Slowly turning the world into a broken place,
Full of plastic, foolishly piled on the grounds for the wind to take and feed to the fauna of our home.
But we cannot blame the wind it has no mind
We have no one to blame but ourselves, individuals across the world
For us humans we’re like drug addicts, we don’t stop making these beasts
These beasts that are now a part of our world
Our broken world.


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