The Crazy Easter Egg Hunt

Finalist in the 'Just Keep Writing 2019' competition

It was nearly Easter when this crazy adventure began. Ash was 8 years old. He was an ordinary boy. He loved LEGO® and playing cello. One sunny day, he went to school. It was a normal day. When he arrived, he found out that his teacher, Miss Sparkle, was off sick that day. Mr Simon was the supply teacher.
Mr Simon was like any other teacher at Neptune Primary School. But he had a secret. Not even the other teachers knew that he was actually a monster.
Mr Simon had orange eyes, tentacles for arms and scaly skin on his body. He disguised his unusual features by wearing dark glasses and covering his arms with gloves and long sleeves.
The day started very strangely. Mr Simon was teaching the children things that he wasn’t supposed too. He taught them about a planet called Gogglebax. They were meant to be learning their three times tables.
Ash was playing at lunchtime with his friends, when suddenly weird things started to happen. The floor of the playground and the play equipment turned green and black. The classrooms changed. The blackboards disappeared, the chairs turned orange and became wonky shapes. In the middle of the school, where the school hall once sat, was now an empty space. Mr Simon was standing in the middle of the emptiness. He was holding up a poster. It was advertising the school Easter Egg Hunt. ‘Easter Egg Hunt, today 1pm. Meet in the empty space’.
The children were scared, but a bit excited about the Easter egg hunt.
They didn’t know, but each Easter egg had evil potions inside them. Mr Simon had secretly opened each egg and put the potions in.
Everyone went quickly to the hunt, except Ash, he had become suspicious of this strange teacher.
Ash stayed in the playground while his friends started the hunt. Each child was allowed to find two eggs. Mr Simon told them they could eat the eggs at the end of the hunt.
The children started to eat. Ash was watching nervously. One by one, his friends started to eat the eggs. He watched in horror as they turned into evil monsters. They all started to fly upwards onto the roof of the school.
Quickly, Ash scrambled to the roof. Mr Simon was telling all of the mini monsters how to make the potions so that they could all make more. The plan was to destroy the world and create hundreds more monsters and take over the universe!
Ash overheard the ingredients and cleverly and sneakily he dashed back to the playground to gather the exact opposite of the ingredients.
The ingredients to make the evil potion:
Yuckiest food you can find
Cold water,
Sour lemon
Ash found:
Yummiest food (Chocolate)
Hot water
Sweet sugar
He mixed lots of these ingredients and gave a spoon of the potion to each of the evil monsters. They turned back into normal children.
It was a perfectly normal day...NOT!!!