Words Of Silver

1st in the 'Just Keep Writing 2019' competition

The stars, they whisper words of silver
They shine, ancient and small in infinity… but they’re closer than you think
They are near you, speaking to you when you are alone
Their light is soft and pure
Like crystal dewdrops in a sky of ink, reflecting what once was… and what will be
Their words ripple out over the world like raindrops on a great pond of light
Like mischievous shadows flitting in front of the moon
And wisps of light drifting lazily across pools of summer midnight magic
They whisper advice. Can you hear them? This is what they say
Keep your shadows close, they are gifts and companions
You’re joined together like mist vapours, intertwined through the dark
If the stars go out and you see a lonely lantern bobbing in the gloom, go to it
It’s your safe haven from the cold wings of eternity
And if betwixt the strongest tree is a feather glowing gold
Write down your thoughts on the ancient wood, look up and listen
For the stars, they whisper words of silver