I Am A Dessert

I am what people call me, a dessert. I don’t know exactly what I do, except right now, all I’m doing is just sitting here in the freezer. A freezer is COLD! A lady opens the freezer and reaches for me and pulls me out into the open.
“Oh man, it’s hot out here,” I say.
“Hey lady, can you put me back in the freezer?” I ask.
She can’t hear me. Oh man! She takes me out to a room full of people and places me on a table.
“Yum! That looks delicious!”
Wait did that guy just say that I look delicious?! The lady who got me out of the freezer has a knife! And she’s pointing it at my chocolate back and starts cutting into me!
“Stop that!”
“Hey, that hurts you know!”
“Hey, that’s cake murder what you’re doing to me right now!”
Oh man that’s right, she can’t hear me.
2 minutes later
A bright light flashes in my eyes.
“Where am I?”
“In cake heaven,” a voice tells me.
“Oh wow! This place is even better than the freezer.”