Earle the adventurous cow

Earle was a very active cow. Unlike all her friends she liked to go to all different parts of the field and graze there. She had an adventurous spirit that none of the other cows could understand. On the first day of spring Earle was telling her best friend Nona where she was headed today for a feed.
“Today I think I’ll go to that area over there,” Earle said nodding towards a part of the field she had never been to before.
“Ok then. I’ll still be here if you need me,” Nona replied digging into the ground so she could get the yummiest part of the grass.
So Earle went to the designated area for today and started to eat the luscious green grass. After a few munches she started to feel woozy, so she wandered over to the rest of the herd.
“Nona,” she said. “I’m not feeling to well.”
“Maybe you should lie down,” Nona suggested. So taking her friends’ advice, Earle went to lie down. As soon as her head hit the grass she fell asleep. Earle’s dream was strange yet it felt real.

Earle was wandering through the field when she saw her friend Wendy. She tried calling out to her but Wendy seemed not to hear her. Earle tried again, but still did not prevail. Her patience wearing thin she walked over to Wendy but as soon as she got near Wendy, Wendy disappeared.
‘Okay that was strange,’ Earle thought. Then she spotted Henry Bob the 4th. Earle had a secret crush on him; to her he was the hottest bull of his kind. Earle wandered over to him and was about to say something when he too disappeared. She looked around at all the other cows and bulls and as she looked at each one they disappeared. Just before she looked at the last cow she woke up.

“Earle! What’s wrong?” Nona was standing over her. So Earle told her all about her dream.
“Do you know what this means?” Earle asked her best friend.
“Maybe we’re all about to die!” Nona shrieked.
“No. No I don’t think it’s that, I...” Earle turned around to see what had drowned her out. It was a big cow truck pulling onto the grassed area where all Earle’s friends and family hung out.
“It’s a cow truck,” Nona said looking confused.
Earle ran for it. Just before she reached the woods on the other side of the field, she saw Henry Bob the 4th and ran back to him. She grabbed onto him and pulled him along. They hid in the forest together and watched as all their friends and family were loaded onto the truck to be taken to the abattoir. It didn’t really worry them in the least that the others were going to die because they didn’t know that. All they knew was that they were destined to create a new herd and live happily ever after in the forest.



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