Back In Time

YAY!!! I was so excited because it was recess and I can go outside and play with my best friends. We all decided that we would go and play on the slide.
But suddenly when I went down the slide, I started to get sucked into another location. As I was getting sucked in, I reached out and grabbed my watch so that I could always know what the time was. When I stopped moving, I slowly and carefully opened my eyes to realise that I was on some type of really old Royal Flying Doctor plane.
There was a really nice shy lady named Nelly. Suddenly, Nelly said something about me being the pilot of this plane. In that second, I almost wet myself because I’d never really been on many planes, let alone been the pilot.
I asked Nelly how I was meant to fly the plane?
She said. “Look behind you.”
I slowly turned around to see a very scruffy man who looked like he had worn the same clothes for six weeks. I went up and said “Hi.” His name was Mr Bob and apparently, he is my assistant pilot who could fly the plane.
After all the commotion of me arriving I realised that I was in a different time. I was NOT meant to be here! Suddenly Nelly said we had to go and pick up Avo the doctor because we had a sick patient.
OMG! I was having enough trouble trying to get back home and now there’s a sick patient. But then it came to me that I was the pilot and don’t need to deal with the patient.
Even knowing I was freaking out. I still told Mr Bob where we had to go. Avo climbed up the long ladder to get into the plane. He wore all green clothes. His skin was even a light green. Nelly said that he always looked like that. I just went with it.
We finally got to the location in which the old lady needed help. The problem was she was in so much pain. Nelly said that she would probably have to have amputations.
After we dropped off the patient, Mr Bob flew us all back to the station. Nelly asked me how I was going to get home. I was speechless because to be totally honest I had no clue. Avo asked me how I got here so I said, “One day at school I was going down the slide and BOOM!” Mr Bob suggested that we should try it.
Finally, when we got to a school Nelly helped me find a playground. Once we found a slide, I went down the slide and turned the time on my watch. Suddenly as I went down the slide time stopped. I slowly opened my eyes and I was going down the slide back in 2019. Everything was normal after that so I just went with it.