Nearly a ledgend

His legs were aching with agony as the shot clock was ticking. The crowd was in anticipation as every second went by. They were down by 3 points. All they needed was a three pointer to win the game.

He swiftly passed the ball to his team mate as he sprinted down the court. There were only 20 seconds left; it felt like every second was a minute. The crowd was yelling with astonishing insults: “Pass the ball! Pass it to number 23!”
He didn’t know what to do. He was in complete deliberation as his team mate passed the ball to him. He knew that he should take the shot but something told him not to; to just pass the ball to his team mate. Maybe he would make up the time but his instinct told him that he could effortlessly make the shot with no complications at all!

There were only 10 seconds left. His legs were aching with agonizing pain and his heart was intensifying to a 100 miles an hour as he relinquished the ball. “1, 2” he yelled as if he was asking for a miracle. He passed the ball. His team mate passed it back as the shot clock was ticking.

“3, 2,” the crowd went silent as he took the three pointer; “1” the buzzer filled the room with a boisterous sound.

He missed!