T Dark Eyed

“I’ll kill you!” the boy yells then suddenly, eyes wide he whispers, “Just take these restraints off, and come on doc. Please”

I look into his unusually dark eyes, “Why is he like this? He isn’t usually.” a fretful voice asks, his mother with tears in her eyes tries again “Please, Doctor Newman.”

“I’m sorry Ma’am, I have to ask you to wait outside.” I reply. Then, turning to the nurse, “Jude, can you please show Ms Lance outside?”

Jude nods and takes the woman away, gently.

“Come on, take these off.” The boy persists, I turn calmly and strain a short smile.

“I’m afraid we cant do that quite yet, you might try and hurt someone.”

They boy goes red. “TAKE THESE DAMN RESTRAINTS OFF” he shakes the hospital bed, struggling against his ties. Screaming to be released.

“That’s my son in there!” comes his mothers voice; I cringe at the sound of her nearing voice. Taking one last look at the seizing boy, I race to the door.

“Someone get in here!” nurses come to the door and I set towards the mother.

I find her on the floor, Jude trying desperately to calm her down and show her back to the waiting room. Two nurses hold her hands, speaking words of reassurance.

“Please! Don’t hurt him!” she wails, “He’s only a boy!”

“I wont hurt him,” I say impatiently. “I just need to know some things before I can begin to treat… whatever this is.”

“So, has your son ingested anything toxic lately?” I ask.

“No, I don’t think so.” She answers, wringing her hands nervously and rocking slowly back and forth.

“Ok,” I say, “does your family have a history of mental illness or substance abuse?”

Her face flushes, “What you think we are crazy? You think he did this to himself on purpose?”

The door busts open and a flustered, Jude pokes her head in. “Sir, there’s another.”

“I can’t believe this.” I whisper angrily. Then looking at Jude I gesture to the mother, “Jude, take care of Ms Lance for a sec, will you?”

With that I’m out the door, jogging down the hall as nurses inform me quietly about the case.

“Girl, 15, unstable and in restraints.”

I open the door to the room were two parents have huddled over their child, whispering to her, telling her everything is going to be ok.

“Hello,” I greet them, giving a small smile. “What seems to be the problem?”

Only the father has turned the mother, still staring at her daughter. “Well, she tried to hurt us. Bad. She… had a knife and her eyes aren’t their usual colour. They’ve changed.”

Nodding I look towards the girl, “Hi sweetie, how are you feeling?”

She responds with curses. Her mother gasping.

“Get me out of these restraints.” The girl says bluntly.

I’m sorr-“ I’m interrupted by a scream and a large thump.

“Excuse me.” I say, and walk out the door, walking into the question room to check on Jude.

“Ma’am I nee to ask you to –“ I gasp. On the floor with blood pouring from her head is Ms Lance’s lifeless body. Jude standing over her.

“Jude, what happened?” I ask terrified.

Her head snaps towards me and all I see is her pitch black eyes.