Take Your Pet To School Day

“Beep, beep” the three sisters all woke up they were so exited because it was take your pet to school day. They had dogs Esmay, Spot, and Toby. Toby was Haeun’s new puppy Esmay was Momona’s and Spot was Rose’s. At lunch there was lots of pet activities including cutest dog competition.
Lunch time…
The cutest dog competition started, all the dogs are so cute they were laughing so hard at the dogs. Rose’s face went red as a rose, Momona almost wet her pants, Haeun was crying with laughter and she fell of her chair. They were all having a great time until the school bully Timothy Mullen-Walsh entered the stage with his ugly rapid rottweiler. End of cutest dog competition. Timothy’s rottweiler came last in 29th place, more importantly Toby won. They all celebrated so much, Toby peed on Rose. It is 1,000 dollars in prize money for 3rd place and 2,000 dollars for 2nd place and 3,000 dollars for 1st place.
That night…
They were so worried they could barely breathe, “what happens if Timothy gets jealous and hurts Toby” Haeun cried worriedly. Since it was so hard to breathe Rose stupidly opened the window before falling into a deep sleep. During the night Timothy snuck into the house as they were neighbours and took Toby.
The next morning…
They woke up and Toby was nowhere to be found. They were sticking posters up everywhere and they handed them out bawling. They went home in the evening devastated. Toby was howling at Timothy’s house so as Timothy’s friend came. Timothy slammed the bathroom door behind him leaving Toby in the bathroom. The door bounced back open, as soon as Timothy opened the front door that is actually on the side of the house Toby ran and ran and ran up and down the street until fat Timothy and his fat friend Tae got so puffed they both passed out.
That night…
Toby got caught by the animal rescue centre and got driven to the shelter in a van they went past the girls house “Animal Rescue Centre we need to go now!!!” Haeun yelled “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Momona screamed even though she had no clue what Haeun yelled out. Rose went pale and fell on her face. Mum and dad ran in, “What’s wrong!” dad exclaimed. “You’re supposed to be reading” mum yelled quietly. “The Rescue Centre, we need to go they might have Toby locked up” Haeun cried. “We can go tomorrow” dad said. The girls all went to sleep.
The next morning…
The girls woke up excitedly but they didn’t want to get their hopes up. When they got there they went to the lost dog section and saw Toby. They picked him up and took him home, they were so happy and swore not to lose Toby again.


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