Kaiden And Lucas's Adventure

On the weekend, I went to Lucas’ house. We played with the lego and we went to the river. We went and jumped off the bridge and we did a bomb. It was cold. We went on the gokart and we went to the skate park. We went to the pool and we saw fruit bats and then we went to the cafe.

Then we went to Cathcart and it was hailing. The hail hit me and Lucas. We got hot chips from the pizza shop in Bombala for lunch and went to the river, at the stepping stones end. We nearly fell in the water.

We went home and went on the go kart and we nearly flipped it and I pushed Lucas down the hill. I nearly fell and Lucas pushed me down the hill. We went in to get a drink and we came back out to get back on the go kart and I pushed Lucas down the hill. Then we had a break and water and then we pushed the go kart back in the shed.

The End


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