I lifted myself up from the rat-infested trenches into the blood covered battlefield, I charged towards the enemy and the sound of defining gunshots, along with the scream of young soldiers having their lives taken away by one bullet.

Our coach yelled. “Drop and give me 50!’’ ‘’This is your last day of training before you go on those planes to fight for our country and if you want a chance of surviving you need to go in strong and brave, you can’t back away now and you can’t give up”. My stomach felt like it was twisting and full of butterflies as I took my first step on the plane to war. now my stomach was really twisting it was time to jump to the battle. I held my breath as I slide down the rope now I can’t go back.

All these thoughts were rushing around and around in my mind. If I pull the trigger I might shoot one of my own. I might never see my family again. All of a sudden I couldn’t breathe and my legs weaken. A pain I have never felt before thumped through my chest. It was dark and quiet but I started seeing flashbacks of my coach, friends and family but it all went blank.

It was all white and the ground felt like a soft, smooth, fluffy cloud but I could hear a loud scream shouting out my name. I knew it was the end, I knew they tried to help, but it was too late, I was gone.


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