I went to war that downcast day, the sky was grey and somber
I left my wife and kids behind; I went on a big bomber
When I arrived at Vietnam, my friends were all but dead
The enemy had sought them out, then left them while they bled
The dreary war went on for years, the death toll got so high
Until the president told us, to wave and say goodbye
On our way home, our plane was shot; we fell down with a cry
I was the only person there, who didn’t burn and die
For twenty-seven miles I trekked, Until I wasn’t alone
The enemy had captured me, and beat me with their stone
They took me to their camp of war, and kept me there for years
Until they finally set me free, escaping from my fears
When I got home my kids had gone, had families of their own
My wife was dead and I was left Sorrowed and alone
And now I leave you with these words, don’t ever go to war
Unless you wish to lose your life, your family and your all.


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