It’s a sunny day at the South house. Nobody’s there. Nobody’s outside enjoying the sunshine. What’s going on?
I’m Sarah, the South's cousin. I’ve come to have a sleepover because my parents have gone out. They dropped me off. I rang the doorbell. No one answered. I rang it again. No one answered.
“There not home,” I thought.
Suddenly Auntie South screamed, “SOMEONE GET THE DOOR!” nobody came. I continuously rang the doorbell. My finger was about to fall off. Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! I heard footsteps coming towards me like a charging elephant. The door swung open and there stood cousin Betty.
“Are you going to come in?” said Betty with attitude. I stepped inside.
“Hi Betty, how are you?” I said frightened. Betty slammed the door shut.
The house was dark, Betty sprinted up the stairs. Uncle South was slouched on the sofa with dark circles around his eyes staring at the television. I ran upstairs after Betty. Her room was chaos. Her bed was buried under piles of mess.
“Where am I going to sleep?” I asked.
“On the floor,” answered Betty gawking at her ipad.
I looked around, there was no air mattress or even any space on the floor. How am I going to survive?
I spent the majority of the day cleaning Betty’s room, when Auntie South stormed in, screaming at Betty. But instead yelled at me to clean the rest of the house. After a long day’s work of cleaning, I went outside for some fresh air. I was shocked to see that there was no grass just rotten wood planks that looked like they used to be garden beds and cracked concrete.
I strolled upstairs to Betty’s room.
“When are we having dinner?” I asked hoping for some good news. “I’m starving.”
“What’s dinner? Get your own food!” Betty hollered. I didn’t have dinner that night because I didn’t want to see what was in the fridge. I went to bed, I tossed and turned but I couldn't sleep. I was using my backpack as a pillow and clothes as a blanket. Betty was still playing on her electronics, no one told her to go to bed.
The next morning my back was in a lot of pain from sleeping on the hard wooden floor.
“Aren’t we going to school today?” I asked.
“NO! Are you crazy. No one goes to school, it’s a waste of time!” Betty shrieked. That’s it I’ve had enough. I grabbed Betty's electronics and threw them out the window. I ran downstairs, Betty chased after me. I grabbed the remote and threw it out the window. I smashed the television in rage. I grabbed all the electronics, and soaked them in water. The Souths were furious. They all slumped down on the sofa.
“I hope you have learnt your lesson. To show more respect and spend more time together,” I said with pride, “move on and enjoy life.”
I left the South house hoping they had listened. The next time I visited everything had changed. The Souths were sitting together playing a board game. I felt proud.

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