Kaden And The Magical Tree

“Mother,” Kaden said, “where are you?”

Kaden didn’t not know what had just happened. One second he was enjoying fishing with his mum at a pond next the prettiest tree he had seen, at sunset. But the next thing he knows he is in a light-less room. As his eyes start to adjust, he was able see a dodgy desk with nothing on it and worn-out bed. It was a very small room maybe a bigger than a cell but not by much. the funny thing was that there was no door just walls all the way around and now that he thought about there was no roof.
And the walls go about five metres then there is a starry sky with no moon visible.
And then I collapse into bed

I think I have slept for about three hours judging by the light coming in from the roof I know need to escape.
So, brainstorming ideas breaking the wall what would but what would I use to break the wall, take that one off the list I could yell for help I’ll try that
“help! what did I do to deserve this,”
then straight after he yelled the walls started creaking open and not just one of them all of them which is weird because it seemed like they were just disappearing. Well what was he waiting for he walked straight but when he tried to walk through the place where the wall had been he just couldn’t that’s weird but so has this whole experience then something taped his shoulder and then he looked behind him to find an alien looking thing that had blue skin and had two dark blue horns
It said “trae sae kae,”
“I’m sorry I don’t speak that language-,”
“English,” the little thing in weird accent that I had never heard
‘um yes can I go now,’
“NO! you expect me to let you go after touched my sacred tree,” says the thing
“First, I would like to know your name and how was I supposed to know that the tree was that important to you,” I say
“My name is Graeklie but call me grae the sacred tree had I sign that read, property of Graeklie do not touch.” Grae says
“Oh, um where was the sign.” I say
“At the top of the tree,” grae says
“Ok, I hate to say it but would not have been able to the see it Because was so far up,”
“Ok, I guess I’ll move it to the bottom of the tree,”
“Ra fae naegie grae,” said a voice then I see some stuff from kindy they had a slide, a ladder on a slope up and down and a pogo stick at the end.
“Finish this and you can go home.”
“Ok I will,” first the slide
now the ladder
I climb up and down
the pogo
bong bong “yay you did it,” mother said running toward me then hugging me.



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