Kate’s Story

Hi my name is Kate, I’m 15 years old and I’ve been home school all my life, today I have to get ready for my first day of school. I’m now about to step into the school grounds and honestly I’m am so nervous I can’t stop shaking. I walked into class with a bunch of eyes just starring at me. The teacher made me Introduce myself to the students but l really didn’t want to, but I did it anyways “hi my name is Kate and I used to be home school”

It was finally recess time and i had noone to play or talk too, every time I would turn my back I would see someone talking behind my back or laughing at me, I got so mad that i said “hey can you please stop talking about me’ and she wasn’t talking about me she was actually talking about how much she loved maths class. I felt so bad ’Sorry I just thought you were talking about me’ ‘ you should be sorry and don’t even think about talking to me ever again understood’ ‘ok’ I cried’, I ran to the toilets as fasts as I could crying on the way.

A girl saw me run to the toilets so she tried to come and help me out which I was very grateful for bc I never thought that i would get a friend that easily I was super happy. ‘Hi I’m Cassie and I saw you get in a fight with that girl are you ok?’ I came out and said ‘I feel really bad for what I just did to her I didn’t know that she wasn’t talking about me “it’s ok your not alone bc the same thing happened to me when I started high school, she gave me a hug and asked if I wanted to hang out with her for the rest of the day, and I said yes. So we basically hanged until recess was over.

When I entered class again I felt more comfortable and normal which made me feel great but I went into my seat and looked at the people in my class and I see the girl that was being mean to me I can’t believe she’s in my grade I (signed) but she saw me and she made a really mean face at me but I didn’t care bc I knew she would’ve done something. I was busting to go to the toilet so I asked the teacher and she said to go with ‘her’ and when I mean her I mean the girl that was being mean to me, out of everyone in the class she chose her I was really mad. Me and the girl was walking silently, when I got out of the toilet she asked me why aren’t you saying sorry already ‘sorry for what’ I said ‘sorry for making me walk all this way for nothing

Me and this girl Cassie met at the toilets and she was really nice to me so we basically hanged out till the bell went, but when me and Cassie raced to the playground I fell and i thing actually broke my arm, I couldn’t move a muscle and I started tearing really but up to the point were I was screaming Cassie to get a teacher,when the teacher came she told a student to go to the principal and call my parents to come pick me up but before that the school took me to the ambulance and my parents picked me up from it, the next day I arrived home and my mum and dad lifted me to my bed and by then I basically just realised that I should probably go to sleep,so I did and then I fell asleep.



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