“Dandelion! Why are you late again?” screamed Mrs Medlock.
Mrs Medlock is Dandelion’s teacher, while she has beautiful blonde hair that she wears in a plait, her blue eyes are narrow and show just how strict she is. A long, patterned dress and brown leather boots were her usual school clothes.
“I...I...I fell off my horse on the way to school,” Dandelion said nervously. “And where is William?” snarled Mrs Medlock.
“Well….um...you see… well... he slipped off his horse on the way to school and he had to go home to get changed.” Dandelion was worried because everything she had just told the teacher was a lie. (Well, everything except falling off her horse.) You see the truth is William forgot his homework and rode his horse back home to get it. Mrs Medlock growled but before she could speak William walked in the door.
“Sorry I’m late again Miss,” William said.
“Well you better be sorry Mr because that’s the 12th time this year you’ve been late,” Mrs Medlock grumbled.
William is Dandelion’s brother. He is 12 years old and is as tall as 31 mice standing on top of each other. His honey brown eyes and blonde curly hair make him look mischievous.
The next day Dandelion was late again, but this time there was a real reason. On the way to school, she spotted something shining in the grass. What could it be? She wanted to find out what it was but she didn’t want to get in trouble. Dandelion snuck into the classroom without Mrs Medlock noticing. She thought she was safe until Mrs Medlock turned around and saw her.
“Dandelion you’re not late again!” Dandelion sat there and said nothing.
The bell rang and it was time for recess. Dandelion didn’t bother eating instead she went straight to the place to find the shiny thing. When she got to the spot, she saw it wasn’t there!
“I’m sure I saw something,” Dandelion cried. “I’m 100% sure.”
Lilly heard and came over to her. “What’s wrong Dandelion?”
Dandelion shared her worries with Lilly.
“I understand,” Lilly said afterwards, “It is so awkward that it would show up and then disappear.”
Dandelion stared at the tree Lilly was resting on and then stood up and went to have a closer look. Dandelion was surprised, there was a glint of something shiny. Quickly they dug it up.
Dandelion studied it for a moment or two and then raced towards the library. When she reached the library, she pulled out a dusty old book called The Ancient Treasures of Candelo. She was searching for a picture or some information of the object that she had found. At last Dandelion found it, it was called the Ancient Totem of Candelo.
Dandelion rushed back to Lilly, “We must keep it a secret until we learn more about it.”
“What if it has magic powers? Oh how exciting!”
“Shhh, it must be our secret, we must not tell anyone, not even our parents.”