Faded Revenge

Excellence Award in the 'Just Keep Writing 2019' competition

The perfect orb of crystal-clear radiance waned behind murky clouds, engulfing the sky in a pitch-black canopy of darkness. A threatening gust of wind blustered through the lane, biting my stiff paws, while I strived to resist the breeze that brushed mercilessly like an icy fire blade through my silky grey fur. An ominous sign, indeed. Casting my glance away, a sea of sorrow reigned over me at the sight of an awful scene; my pack, whom I cherished, now lay pitifully in a fresh pool of blood. Their eyes held agony, like a scar left by death...
A deafening roar boomed from across the woods, filling my point ears. Could it be... the cause of this vicious deed? The sudden wrath beckoned me to bolt to where doom was awaiting me. “I can sense it,” I pondered. Muzzle raised in the air, the beast's foul-smelling breath assaulted my nostrils as I padded closer and closer, but there was another scent that lingered.
Crouching low, I crept towards the prickly bushes. There is was, an atrocious grizzly bear, already targeting its next prey. When my sapphire eyes wandered further, an intense feeling struck me as I spotted another creature. Bewildered, I peered in awe at the little boy who seemed possessed by fear. He was being chased! “No! He'll die! Like them...” I whimpered. The ferocious beast let out another roar before outstretching its trunk-think arm, ready to attack...
A faint memory of my deceased tribe flashed into my mind, and before I could even think, I darted from the bushes and tore into the bear's unguarded flank, nearly ripping out its flesh. The grizzly yelped, landing on the filthy snow. Risking a glance at the desperate boy, my pulse race upon seeing blood staining his clothes as it surged from his thigh. “Oh no, what am I doing?” putting my life at stake for someone else, that was absurd!
I snarled at the large predator, daring it to get past me, however, it backed away from us, before completely vanishing into the woods. I howled in triumph when I suddenly found the little boy staring right at me. Unlike another human, he did not attempt to run away, nor was he frightened. I could not help but notice how his emerald eyes reflected a soft glimmer that instantly captivated my soul.
“It's alright, I won't hurt you,” came his euphonic voice. He extended his tiny, pale hand, while his lips curled into a smile. Flustered by his gestures, I started doubting whether beings like him could mean harm. Even so, curiosity unwillingly drew me towards him. In some way, I was convinced that he was an innocuous one. Warily, I approached the boy and sniffed his delicate palm, then he lay on my furry forehead. My ears drooped low as I grew fond of his smooth touch. At that moment, I felt like the pain inside had subsided, and revenge no longer resided in my thoughts.


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