What’s under all that muscle and skin,
You’ll be surprised at what’s within,
Is it a stone cold heart or little boy dying to cry?
He was told he needed to be tough and suck it up,
It’s tearing at him from deep inside,
His pain is so deep,
Even he is only beginning, to realise it's there.
Should he listen to those around him or those who truly care?
He’s been listening to others for too long it’s time for a rebellion,
Relief washes over him as he lets it out, his heart is now opened.
He knows that he’s made the right choice.
Others start noticing the change and withdraw their love from him,
But he will always stay strong, and listen to his heart,
Even though others tell him to keep his feelings to himself, he no longer listens.
He’s no longer crying on the inside.
A TRUE man is born.