Jack And The Beanstalk

There was a woman who lived with Jack, her son, They had cows, but were poor and sometimes had none,
When the cows got too old, they would sell them, But when Jack returned there was mayhem.
He had sold a cow for five magical beans, His mother didn’t like this, she stole them from Jack’s jeans,
The next morning, Jack woke up with the sight of a huge beanstalk, So, he put on clothes and took a walk.
He climbed up the beanstalk with all his might, He arrived at the top with a big delight,
He was welcomed by a big woman making lots of noise, She let him in but told him that her husband eats boys.
So, he hid in the oven so he wouldn’t get caught, The giant arrived with gold which he had brought,
Along with a harp which could shout and scold, And a hen which could lay eggs which were made of gold.
“Fee fi fo fum I smell the blood of an Englishman”, So, Jack waited for him to sleep because he needed to win,
Crash, Jack escaped from the oven and took all the goods, And tried to run down to his mother in the woods.
But the harp started shouting to his owner with his long hairs, Boom, the giant woke up and started clunking down the stairs,
Jack started climbing down the stalk, The giant is trying to talk.
The beanstalk had long legs reaching to the ground, When Jack got to the bottom, he made lots of sound,
He grabbed an axe with teeth which were sharp and long, BANG, BOOM, CRASH the giant hit the ground so strong.
The clouds, slinked away and hid behind the sun, Then Jack and his Mother lived happily ever after with all the giant’s wealth.


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