Monsters With Friendly Faces And Angels Full Of Scars

“You are worthless,” it kept replaying in my mind like a broken record
But my mind wouldn’t accept it, it didn’t concord
Sitting in the corner of my shelter, alone with Tenebris as my friend
He introduced me to a black dog, it wants to play pretend
Smiles are my band aids, it covers up my pain, but it still hurts
To you, the corners of my mouth assaulted your eyes, it made it worse
For wearing my heart on my sleeve, you painted my body with black and blues
But not the blues of the beautiful ocean but the black of taboo
I am a square surrounded by circles but not a circle of friends
A cirque of fake spectators that I can’t comprehend
I’m a vessel now, not wanting to be filled with love and adore
Since the memories pierces the openings of my wounded core
Remembering the pleasure you had when I was in pain
Made me lined you in chalk with your last words “I finally made you deranged”
On everyone’s back, I now see a bullseye for me to aim, it’s finally begun
Why should I apologise for being a monster? No one did for turning me into one