Old Friend

He’s back: My old friend,
Who comes and goes when I least expect.
He shows his face, I cower in place,
Just like that – my life wrecked.

Notoriously bad with my choice of companions,
This is no exception – in fact – he’s is the worst one.
Not a physical being that visits during holidays,
But a mental state that grips, paralyses and stays.

This friend is my anxiety that plagued me since childhood,
Impossible to evade, no cure for good.
I consider the sleeping pill; my escape capsule.
“Don’t leave without a note,” my unspoken rule.

My only hope of tranquillity relies on welcoming this chaotic entity.
The phrase “face your fears” baffles me,
I’m overwhelmed by the sheer enormity,
Of this insurmountable mindset that will never set me free!