As Our World Slowly Dies

Some people live perfect lives while others go and commit suicide.
Everyone feels different pain but we don’t all show it the same.
Some people live in an attic while others spend thousands on becoming plastic.
We had yards and yards full of trees and for some reason we continue to pollute the seas.
It brings people to disbelief that Australia will soon say by to The Great Barrier Reef.
Slowly every colour and thing turns black until the point that we can’t turn back.
People are coming obsessed with phones, soon to lose jobs as well as homes.
Animals and humans die from left and right but no one bothers to put up a fight.
When I look high in the sky I realise that my entire life has been a lie.
Maybe this is too deep for you to understand but maybe one day this poem could save our land.
Every day I sit in my room and cry as I watch our beautiful world slowly die.