Being Different Is Okay

Excellence Award in the 'Just Keep Writing 2019' competition

The words are blurry to that boy so he needs to wear glasses.
She can't hear her teachers properly, she sits at the front of all classes.
That girl is too short so they don't let her play basketball,
but he can't play either, they say it's cheating, because he is too tall.
She isn't very good at math, so they all give her mean looks.
He isn't a fast runner, they tell him to just stick to his story books.
That student needs braces because his teeth are not that straight.
Her skin colour is darker than her friends’ so they discriminate.
He gets teased for being fat and wearing a bigger shirt size,
but the skinniest boy in the class also gets criticised.
That girl gets bullied by her classmates because she is autistic.
He suffers from epileptic seizures, so they call him a lunatic.
What some people don’t realise is that everybody is born different.
Some people have disabilities, different skin colours, or maybe an accent.
We are all different, we just have to accept each other for who we are.
If everybody was the same, life would be boring and unspectacular.