The Spring Rain

Finalist in the 'Just Keep Writing 2019' competition

The spring rain has flooded the road with falling hail and water, which reminds me of a tray of ice with floating water.
The spring rain has brought a thunderstorm with the flashing and loud sky, which has left me with scary eyes and quivering feet.
The spring rain has brought a huge flood that is going wet and wild, which makes me think of sailing a boat under a dark night sky.
The spring rain has brought wind that is blowing the trees and splashing water that is overflowing the river, which made my heart pump extremely fast and the noise of it is reaching my ears.
The spring rain has stopped now and brought a beaming and beautiful rainbow, which made my face vivacious with a smile and shining eyes filled with joy.
The spring rain has shown me the extraordinary creation of God and taught me to stay strong and never be afraid as it would not stay for long.