The spotlight awaits, a stage of spectators and snakes
I want no part of it.
But there’s you: lying, luring, oh so reassuring
Dragging me back again.
So we weather the weather together, breathe the same toxic air
Acid in our lungs, venom on their lips
Vipers in the home, violence in our limbs.
You play with my perception, tug me with threads of threat.
Temper provoked. Tempered to choke. Furious. Frustrated. Hurt.
Shield me from their stings, shelter me like second skin.
Coiled to strike, dripping with spite.
Always ready. Always angry. Always scared.
I know you’re playing with my heartstrings. Plucking. Poking.
Pushing for a weakness. Then snap. I’m in your grasp again.
Enough. I’m sick of the anger. Sick of the rage.
I clutch at my strings and exit the stage. Until our next drama.